Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our Kitchen.

This kitchen.. a labour of love, that's for sure! Upon moving into this house, I wanted the kitchen refinished immediately - I made it a priority. It felt dark and dated and I wanted fresh and bright. The funny thing is that when I look back on it, I sort of the like the mid-century vibe it had going on back then. It's funny how our tastes change so much or time. Regardless, it had seen better days and needed a major update.

Back then, my brother, a cabinetmaker by trade, happened to be between jobs and offered to build my cabinets. I had to be his gopher for the couple of weeks and had to paint them myself but it was well worth it. I was absolutely thrilled with how they turned out.

At the time, I couldn't afford a solid surface countertop (still can't!) and wanted something other than laminate. My brother used some pine stair treads, pieced them together and I stained and varnished them. They are definitely unique and have held up incredibly well.

The floor was several layers of linoleum over tiles that had been stuck to the floor with tar. Stephane and I spent hours lifting those tiles with little scrapers. Then, my dad and I punched the hundreds of holes from the sub floor into the wood floor in hopes that they could be refinished. It was hours of work but worth it after the refinisher came in and made them look new again. They are soft wood and have gotten marked up over the years by many dropped kitchen items and Beaufie's nails but I think it just gives it all character.

There have been many changes since it was renovated the first time. Originally, I had painted all the cabinets white but opted to update the look by painting the base cabinets grey. It totally changed the space. Also, the "crystal" chandeliers that were once hung in the kitchen moved to the bedroom. Instead, I chose a couple of simple pendants from Ikea.

We had Prestige Kitchens make us a peninsula for a bit more storage. We chose high gloss flat panel drawers so that it would be a complete contrast from the cabinets, rather than try to find something that looked similar. It has a butcher block countertop.

photos by Stephen Harris Photography
I have to say I still love our kitchen. I wish it was a little bit more open to the rest of the house and had more natural light but for an old house, I'd say it serves us well and we've made the most of it.

Cabinetry: Marc Gallant
Cabinet paint: Uppers - Natural White, Dulux / Base - Whale Grey, Benjamin Moore
Peninsula: Prestige Kitchens
Pendant Lights: Ikea
Shelving: Ikea
Bar Stools: Home Sense
Love Food Print: Kim Roach Design

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Update.

I had a great response from my post about my capsule wardrobe. I'm glad I inspired some of you to do their own capsule, to clean out their closets, to make some money selling their clothes or simply to look at the way they are shopping a little more closely.

As I said in that post, I came to realize that I actually needed to do some shopping to complete my wardrobe to ensure it really worked for me. Cleaning out my closet showed me what pieces were missing and I took the time to find the right ones.

I ended up buying four pieces since that day. Normally, I would have bought that and more in that period of time but now I more conscious about what I buy. I wait for sales, read reviews and have no problem returning if it's not quite right.

Arizona T-Shirt - soft, versatile and long enough to cover my bum in tights.
Cober Dress - Similar to the Lorelei tunic that I had on repeat all summer but in long sleeve. Yes, please.
Tribe Shorty Boots - I got these during a 25% off sale. Any leather goods I've ever owned from Roots have lasted forever. Plus, they are super soft and comfortable.
PEI Home Apparel T-shirt - Shop local! This T-shirt is a perfectly soft weekend T. I'm a proud Island girl.

Everything in my wardrobe is on high rotation and I'm still loving my capsule. It's pretty casual though so I think I may need a cute blouse or two to get me through the holiday season. I'm on the hunt.

In case you missed that post, you can check it out here.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Indigo Faves.

Happy Monday to you all. It was a busy but awesome weekend with our first Holiday Pop-up Shop. I'm humbled by the support we received and that people actually bought my creations! Thank you so much! I didn't have much left to pack up at the end of the day. I guess I can call that a success.

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite holiday items from Indigo. It always surprises me that so many people still think that Indigo only sells books. It is so so much more. In fact, last year I did almost all my Christmas shopping on the website and I buy things for myself there all year long. I was not compensated for this posting this, I simply love Indigo and wanted to share all my awesome finds!

Clockwise from top left:

Isn't it fun getting your home holiday ready? I generally try to use what a have from year to year but it's always fun to buy a few new things. Those glasses are on sale right now and I may need to order a  set and my frasier fir candle , which is seriously Christmas in a jar, is almost gone so I think I'll need another one! And that pillow? It needs to be mine.. pretty much my motto these days. I love love love cozy nights in.

Are you and Indigo fan? Anything catching your eye? 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Light and Bright Dining Room.

Our dining room. Definitely one of those hard to decorate spaces. It's home to a beautiful piano window and some fairly good symmetry with thee placement of the windows and doorways (which pleases me) but I have never been able to get it "right". It's been redecorated a few times over the years. I've tried wallpaper, patterned curtains and darker walls but ultimately fell back to what feels right for me.. light and bright. I finally feel happy with where it's at now.

Our teak table was given to us by Stephane's mom. It was the table he sat at as a boy. I love pieces with meaning! The mid-century pendant light is one of my favorite things in my home. It's the perfect scale for the space.

Two of the biggest changes we made were painting those Ikea shelves and replacing our dark teak chairs with simple white ones. The shelves were originally black and we sprayed them white. I didn't mind the black but prefer how they now blend into the walls and complement the sideboard.

I adore that window and the light it brings into the space in the evening. Sometimes it's too bright and you can't sit on the opposite side of the table. Not ideal but I really don't want to cover the windows with blinds or curtains. I prefer the naked look.

I put up that mini gallery of prints on day and assumed I may tire of it but I still like it. The photo on the bottom left was found in the basement. It's of the house shortly after it was built in 1939.The cabinet was a deep wine color with tole painted flowers. I gave it a new life with some peacock blue paint. The wall hanging was a recent diy project that you can check out here.

There you have it! A little peek into our dining room lately. I wish I could say it currently looks like this but the truth is that it's been my crafting space for the last few weeks and we can hardly find a spot to sit and and eat. After Saturday we can go back to normal.

Paint: Meeting House, ICI paints
Rug: Rugs USA
White Cabinet: Structube
Pendant Light: The Modern Shop
Repro Eames Chairs: Wire Home
Shelving: Ikea (can now be bought in white)
Curtains: Ikea
Wall Hanging: DIY